Gaofu focus on customer’s specific requirements offering innovative crushing equipment and technologies for power plant industry sectors.

Gaofu teeth roller crusher with no gluing and plugging characteristic and material’s water content no effect on crusher’s efficiency, no repeating crushing, simple structure and dovetailed plate convenience to check and maintenance. The most important point that our product with automatic hydraulic concession system which can be protect machine if they couldn’t break material enter into crushing cavity suddenly. Teeth plate with German technology and very durable.


We are able to provide a separation solution to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it is for a new build project or renovation project, you can choose us and trust us.

Recommend Products for Power Plant Industry

Gaofu teeth roller crusher almost can be used all industries which the company should be provided power to themselves, for example, iron and steel industry, sugar, the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer plant, paper making and so on, please don’t hesitate to choose Gaofu roller crusher if your company belongs above industry and raw material mix with coal.

Gaofu teeth roller crusher in thermal power plant mainly used with circulating fluidized bed boiler as one production line provide heating.

Heating supply company which using concentrated heat-resource through heating pipe network facilities provide the heat to heating users as production or life, if your crushing raw material is coal or mix coal, please don’t hesitate to choose Gaofu teeth roller crusher.

Environmental protection and new energy industry, Gaofu teeth roller crusher can be used with new material, energy saving fuel, biomass energy, garbage power generation and so on.